Website Design

Website design is the process of creating the visual layout and structure of a website.

It involves designing the look and feel of the website, including the graphics, typography, and color schemes, as well as determining the website’s functionality and user interface.

Planning and Research

This involves defining the website’s purpose, target audience, and content, as well as researching the competition and industry trends.


This involves creating a more detailed version of the website design, including the actual graphics and content.

Testing and Launch

This involves testing the website’s functionality, performance, and usability, as well as launching the website to the public.


This is the process of creating a basic layout of the website, including the placement of content, navigation, and other elements.

Design and Development

This is the stage where the website is built and developed, including the coding of the website’s functionality.

Navigation and Optimization

A good website design should be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and user-friendly. It should also be optimized for search engines, load quickly, and be accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.

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